• Brendan Byrne, Peng Cheng, Ricardo Vega Mora


  • Public Radio International, Migration Policy Institute


  • xCode, OpenFrameworks, custom electronics

Employable? is an early prototype for the Making it in America project based on the project API. The toy models the relationships between 25 cities in the US and the potential an immigrant has for finding employment in order to reflect on how likely immigrants of different education levels are to find employment.

A set of toy characters represent immigrants with three different education levels—no high school diploma, up to an associate’s degree, and a bachelor’s degree or better. By placing a toy on the iPad, the player selects a city, then one of the three years for which we have data. The player can then see the employment pool within which the immigrant would compete. The competition conveys the percentage of potential applicant pool broken down by level of employment and employment status.

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