• Robert Yang, Colleen Macklin


  • Public Radio International, Migration Policy Institute


  • Unity, Maya, Android SDK

Job Roll is the most experimental of our prototypes around the Making it in America project. The prototype generates a 3D topography based on city size and employment rates. As the player rolls a marble on the surface, they begin to feel how some cities are more easily “settled in” than others by the experiencing the bumps and valleys of a given urban job market. The more concave and smooth a city terrain is, the more amenable the city is to immigrants coming in to work in the city. The population size of the city is represented by the surface area it takes up. In this case, it may be easier to pass through the city, but if the jobs aren’t there, players will roll off its convex surface to the next urban area with jobs to spare.

In addition to experiencing the topography, Job Roll allows players to directly modify it by providing an interface to generate new landscapes based on their own projections.



Coming soon.

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