The BGCA GameTech Program is a two-unit program utilizing principles of active learning to teach how to program computer games. The curriculum is designed to expose Club members to a number of important skill sets—systems thinking, introductory programming concepts, principles of game design, and the process of iterative design. The program utilizes a four-phase system modeled on the iterative design process—Think, Design, Play Test and Change.

The process of design and testing for GameTech was iterative, beginning with facilitators from selected clubs across the nation (Austin, TX, Santa Monica, CA, Atlanta, GA, Newark, NJ, and Chicago, IL), moving into those clubs to run the workshops, refining and delivering the final curriculum. We worked with assessment experts from the Center for Children and Technology to evaluate the program from its first prototype to the final version. GameTech predates and was inspiration for Activate!

GameTech Curriculum


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  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America