Prepared Forecasts. These can be obtained from the Before the Storm set of forecast cards from web sources such as, or created specifically for the game session. Optional: a prize for the winning team (such as a large chocolate).


There should be as many as possible(at least 10). This game can be played during presentations, dinners, or conferences.


The entire experience takes about 10 to 20 minutes.


1. Have players sit together in a line or around a table.

2. The first person in the group reads a forecast to themselves, then whispers this information to the person sitting next to them, making sure no one else can hear.

3. The forecast is transmitted through the line of people in this fashion, until it reaches the last person, who relays the message they've received. If the game is successful, the message will be radically different.


This game was played with 350 participants during a session on communication at a conference in Bangladesh. See the video here, from minute 04:00 to 17:45.