The Boys and Girls Club of America

PETLab is developing a modular curriculum in game design for youth between the ages of nine and thirteen for The Boys and Girls Club of America--an organization with five million youth members nationwide. The plan includes a sequence of missions that can be explored in two tracks, one digital and the other analog/physical so that all clubs regardless of computer infrastructure may participate in the program. The goal of the curriculum is to emphasize systems-based thinking, creativity, an appreciation of games, experience in procedural thinking and problem-solving skills. The first pilots will be staged at clubs in Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Austin, TX, and Santa Monica, CA. Our partners in creating and testing the curriculum for The Boys and Girls Club are the AMD Foundation and Savannah College of Art and Design. The Center for Children and Technology at the Educational Development Center will evaluate the pilot programs.


  • Colleen Macklin
  • Eric Nunez