A Fiscal Sport

Budgetball is a physical (and "fiscal") sport designed by PETLab in collaboration with NYC design firm Area Code illustrating the dynamics of debt aimed at raising awareness for college students about the growing federal deficit. It turns the fairly abstract problems of the national debt into tangible and physical realities through fast-paced and competitive play punctuated by strategic descisionmaking. It's been played at universities nationwide, from Miami to the National Mall in a competition between college students and congress! In the words of US Secretary General, Timothy Geithner:

"...I support initiatives like Budgetball which seek to broaden public awareness of the need for responsible financial behavior in our private and public lives. A more fiscally and financially fit public is important to a healthier economy and more prosperous future."


  • Area Code (now Zynga New York)
  • PETLab
  • Support from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and The National Academy of Public Administration