DROP Summit

PETLab and CDT Parsons partnered with YouthNoise, a San Francisco based non-profit, to produce the first DROP summit for youth ages 17 to 24 on November 15, 2008 at The New School. The summit built awareness around the need to address the worldwide water crisis. The day-long event launched YouthNoise's effort to facilitate the growth of a youth community focused on access to clean water, its purity and conservation. PETLab products include a series of webisodes, a FaceBook applet, a new media art installation, and the graphical branding for the DROP program. The summit was attended by a diverse group of 63 youth delegates and spawned or furthered six ongoing projects that address the issue. YouthNoise's mission "is to inspire and empower young people everywhere to catapult their passion and idealism into movements to sustain the planet."


  • Louisa Campbell
  • Michie Pagulayan
  • Steven Baughman
  • William Bevington
  • David Carroll
  • Stephanie Owens
  • Catherine Alupun
  • Cher Choi
  • Donny Chou
  • Yumi Endo
  • Taeko Fukamoto
  • Najlah Hicks
  • Hsiang Ju
  • Mike Sy Lee
  • Akiko Rokube
  • Subalekha Udayasankar