Can the intimate, personal-responsibility dynamics of Tamagotchi-like experiences motivate and organize larger-scale real world action? EcoTree, an ecological mobile/web toy, was developed in keeping with the environmental cause channels at, a non-profit for young activists.

EcoTree's purpose is to build a youth movement around personal acts of ecological sustainability. The product uses linked-cellular and internet technology to create and engage a community of college-age environmentalists. Device-centric and inspired-by the Tamagotchi toy, EcoTree connects the sustenance of virtual life forms with offline environmental actions tracked through a website.

A low-resolution prototype of such a technically-complex product can be accomplished within PETLab budget parameters. However greater funding is needed to build a later-stage prototype robust enough to conduct meaningful proof-of-concept testing. How do we take prototypes to full incubation? What are some possible structures for incubation and sponsorship?


  • Mike Sy Lee
  • Cher Choi
  • Rishi Sharma