Manahatta: The Game

Explore New York City as it was when the Dutch first arrived! Learn about indigenous animal and fauna that inhabited Manahatta through an interactive mobile application as you traverse through current day Manhattan!

Red Cross: Early Warning, Early Action

A card game designed to arouse discussion about decision making in times of flood in Senegal based on real meteorlogical readings. Interpreting weather readings into good decisions to save lives.

Re:Activism NYC

Players explore the history of riots, protests, and other forms of political unrest throughout the city using analog cues (letters) and SMSto solve puzzles while racing against the clock.


A physical game designed to increase the awareness of the national budget deficit that rewards strategic and collaborative thinking around the issues of fiscal responsibility and long-term debt management.

  • Manahatta: The Game
  • Red Cross: Early Warning, Early Action
  • Re:Activism NYC
  • Budgetball


Red Cross

Manahatta: The Game




Play It Forward

Re:Activism NYC

Haunts (NYPL)




Specter: Malaria Game

Open House

Solar Flush

LBP 24hr Game Jam

Williamsburg School

DROP Summit